S Ovcharenko. The West is the future victim of the new barbarians?

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Putin and Islam against the West"

(Excerpt from the book “In Human Desert”)


We must foresee the far-reaching consequences of the slow but steady offensive of backward societies with a strong and unwavering desire to overthrow Western societies with a mild individualistic way of life and with a lack of self-defense in the face of a hostile alliance of post-communist and Islamic worlds, for example:


In order not to allow the reverse tipping to the criminal environment, the West repulsed the attacks and found a mechanism for counteraction and protection. Catalonia remained in the composition of Spain. But the third world is not limited to its intentions. It is also a postcommunist world, the Chinese and Islamic worlds. It is good that the Islamic world can not find a common language both within itself and with the Chinese world. The Chinese world, for example, looks at Russia as a predator for prey. In Xinjiang, China is cruelly persecuting Muslims.

China wants to absorb part of the Russian space. The Chinese threat is still underestimated by a number of countries that are able to develop on Earth with their civilizational interests and special rules.


The Islamic world does not have a base country, like Russia and China. The West has a base region, such as the United States. At the forefront of resistance to the opposite world – we can see Israel, which has developed many methods from the invasions of the barbarians. Israel is at the forefront of this struggle against the barbaric world, which is still incapable of modernization. We must point out the great complexity of assimilation of the achievements of much more developed societies because of the internal laws of human nature and cultural development. Even profitable intentions and projects very often can not be perceived on time. The main obstacles that we can see in cultural inertial processes at a historic turning point. Namely, we must take into account the invaluable experience of confrontation with religious extremists and their Russian allies.

In Israel, “relations with extremists” are “regulated” by frequent successful armed outbreaks of invaders. Western countries, as a rule, do not cope with the impact of alien civilizational systems caused by immigration flows. The West is still ignoring the useful experience of Israel. That’s why Lee Kuan Yew once received officers from Israel. They were more suitable instructors than officers from other countries. We see that the problems with forecasts are not only more complicated, but, on the other hand, they are simpler. There is a huge motivation to understand everything correctly and draw conclusions in time. This is the practical significance of the theory, historical, legal, psychological and cultural. This is a more advanced technology – the less it is noticeable, no matter how paradoxical it is. But this accelerates the significance of human factor factors. The main threats and dangers that we must see inside the human subconscious and consciousness, habits and customs. Because at the moment of an imaginary confluence of nations and states, we achieve the incredible consequences of intercultural confrontations both between national cultures, civilizations, and within nations because of irreconcilable contradictions between social strata. Technological prosperity accelerates strong internal cultural conflicts.

The land is “reduced” to the state of a global village, and the problems of other countries can affect all the contradictions of any country. Accordingly, all the problems of the third world can already concern Europe and other countries of Western civilization. In any case, any person should restructure his system of values and lifestyle to a global scale.


If earlier some Africans in the West irrevocably lost their native countries, now their home countries are constantly behind their backs. Accordingly, the processes of cultural integration of foreign citizens are incredibly complex. In short, solving the technological and scientific problems of Western civilization inevitably leads to cultural clashes that put our lives on the brink of a sharp civilizational crisis. This is a huge panorama of conflicts, confrontations, discussions and irrational wars, because the main opponents are not extremists.

Real extremists are just the tip of the iceberg.

 The main thing is the composition of people who live near us and do not violate the law. Habits and customs, so normal in their home countries, give rise to a lot of problems in host Western societies. European, Western society is faced with the problem of assimilation of these immigrants who seek to create closed cultural enclaves, rejecting the rules of conduct of the host society

They are most dangerous for a long period. Because they imperceptibly introduce, introduce an old, backward cultural code, that is habits, customs, superstitions, fears that Europe has already experienced and experienced long ago. And now we have to fight and fight with these cultural remnants from the home countries of the backward underdeveloped world

In doing this, someone should understand that cultures are very often incompatible with each other in principle. Not because people are bad, but because this cultural code of life, the way of life to each other is irreconcilably the opposite. Someone has to drive someone out. This is a principled point of view on the understanding of the so-called “cultural dialogue”. People can achieve facilitation of interpersonal contradictions, but a key cultural principle can not be reconciled. In short, there are price concessions in relations between people, but in favor of a more advanced culture and civilization.


Of course, Western “pundits” must comprehend and reformulate the root causes of the existence of Western civilizations with the inevitable weaknesses and gaps in our society, which also complicates the consequences for immigrants from indigenous peoples with their civilizational leftovers. We must respect other cultures, but we must not allow the erosion and disintegration of our own. The concession to other cultures must be strictly defined and limited. Thus, on the one hand, we must foresee the consequences of other cultural influences; on the other hand, we must limit the influence of cultural characteristics so alien to our contemporary historical conditions.

On the road to this protection of alien effects from the end of World War II, we are confronted with prejudices and biases closely related to Nazi and racist influences. Politicians and experts are afraid to be accused of ideological and political views and preferences peculiar to our common historical past

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