S. Ovcharenko. What can be the next variant of social dystopia?

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Исламское государство"(The exerpt from my book “In Human Desert”)

The main significance of social theory is its predictive function for use in political and cultural practice. Especially in times of great technological and social revolutions. Russian philosophy, in a broad sense and even the European, at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries did not give successful theoretical and practical predictions. It is difficult to even imagine that these social dregs of society can practically realize everything in the political life of Russia, Germany and some countries of Central Europe as a result of the achievement of a civilizational black hole.

 Gustav Shpet, an outstanding but forgotten Russian philosopher, also proved an unsuccessful predictor, despite his exceptional creative abilities. The same was with other Russian philosophers and sociologists. None of them could predict such catastrophic consequences of the grandiose communist revolution. All the theories of socialism as a bright future have decisively depreciated. After a hundred years, we can see similar historical processes, and we must be much more astute than before, a hundred years ago. It’s time to come to substantive conclusions about the close connection between intellectual, technological and social interdependence. This means the decisive influence of scientific and technological revolutions on social processes, the place and fate of an individual. In addition, we must assess the significance of cultural inheritance within this individual. Otherwise, in the near future we will be able to achieve a new version of unforeseen social dystopia. We must take into account that before 1917 no one could foresee gulags or other magnificent things …

By the way, the philosopher Gustav Shpet was assassinated…


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