S.Ovcharenko. The meaning of cross-cultural conflict in the West

The generic inertial ancestry is much stronger than the education that is given to man in the universities of the West and in Europe. Very rarely there are exceptions. We are not racist, but if a fine personality from Iran is such as our brother. Let he be. A woman mathematician who immigrated from Iran, warned that we ought to be vigilant and attentive. Islam they know better.

The most faithful stalwarts of Western civilization are people who fled out of backward societies. They already know that this is not a hearsay. There are no more ardent anti-communists than those who fled from communism. This Popper, and Hayek from Austria, And Ayn Rand fled from Bolshevist Russia. Mannerheim, who dealt directly with the Bolsheviks and the civil war, knew this very well. They knew best.

And only a small amount of exceptional individuals can accept the West. For this, the West must again realize its mission in the world – to develop self-knowledge and awareness of its civilization. Then it is easier to recognize and accept those who from backward societies will be able to perceive a complex Western civilization, unlike any other type of society.

When these faithful stalwarts can condemn and shoot, if necessary, their former tribesman-terrorist – then this is already our own person. When Ukraine began the war in 2014 with Russia, the question was, what could the Ukrainian shoot at a Russian who would attack? It turned out to be very difficult. It is difficult to shoot at people who speak the same language and have lived together for a long time within the borders of one state. The fact that the majority in Ukraine speak and think in Russian. Although the civilizations are different. The nation must switch to the Ukrainian language, wants or does not want, but it is necessary to be Ukrainianized. And you need to learn everywhere foreign languages, but not Russian. As far as possible we ought to get away from the Russian language as a language of aggressive backward state.

You can not change a person simply by teaching something. Some profession, even having told the rules of behavior, if he is in a backward environment. Which is stronger, as a rule, than what is taught in advanced society. A person can easily combine Ohm’s Law, physics, higher-level mathematics and even philosophy, which he will learn to pass the exam, but what his environment teaches will be stronger. Therefore, the most dangerous are not extremists, but the law-abiding environment, which in the form of an enclave exists in Western society.

Extremists and terrorists are just the tip of the iceberg. Therefore, here the antidote is assimilation. Liquefaction of these enclaves and compulsory, forced assimilation. No, they are pushed back to their home countries. Because these cultural codes are irreconcilable.

The family is always stronger than the influence of the street. But it is stronger than the school. A strong family, a strong environment that surrounds the family – is stronger than the school in which their children are taught. Therefore, it is impossible to encourage the preservation of those backward traditions, which should no longer be on a new soil, on a new land. These enclaves should not be. Otherwise they will be erosion. With a cultural dialogue, they are somewhat civilized, while degrading the society to which they moved.

We can put an example of the Roman Empire. They civilized the outskirts, but the outskirts dissolved the Roman center. In South America, the Spaniards wanted to convert the Indians to Christianity. Have turned. They began to pray. Even learned to read and write. But the Spanish themselves under the name of Creoles fell behind. Mainland Spain went ahead in its development. This applies to Portuguese-speaking Brazil. The Europeans mingled and accepted the rules of the game of the indigenous people. As a rule, it happens always.

Also, the Rusich mixed with the Polovtsy and the steppe. This Russia dragged back. The latest research “The Lay of Igor’s Host” by Olzhas Suleimenov confirms this. He is Kazakh, and the Polovtsian language and Kazakh are similar. This interaction with the steppe raised them to some extent, but Russia fell behind.

The Ukrainian Cossacks are a repetition of the cultural code of the steppe people. Zaporozhye Sich – the same steppe camp. Many are insulted by the words that the Cossacks are a pirate or nomadic camp. They for 3 centuries did not make a city on Khortitsa. There were enough stones, there was enough wood, the island is like a natural fortress. Build and there will be an impregnable city. And they did not grow up to the city. Those nobles that got there, gentry, themselves proletarianized, lumpenized. They did not raise the civilizational level of the inhabitants, but they themselves fell. There was a degradation.

Yes, there was literacy, but there was no decent education. In fact, there is a protoculture, proto-state, proto-consciousness. Because the influence of the steppe people. Kievan Rus was on the border with the steppe and suffered from such a neighborhood.

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