The key role of Postcommunist leaders in the Western “disorder”

The most important events often occur in the shadows of the bright light of the diverting break news in the mass-media. I dare to affirm: the stupefying terror actions of Muslim extremists shouldn’t eclipse the crucial role of the postcommunist oligarchic regimes that still exist in the former “republics” of defunct Soviet Union. These regimes act behind the back of “sincere” postcommunists. Fortunately, the Western leaders start to be aware of the true intents of hidden actions of, say, Kremlin leaders to undermine the key foundations of the Western civilization as a whole.

Edward Lucas and Peter Pomerantsev repeatedly attempted to prove the necessity to repulse and spurn the efforts of dying regimes and systems to outlive the Western civilization at the expense of the artificial decomposition of more advanced societies in the West. I greeted these attempts of these journalists and scholars to imbue the importance of the total defense of the West, by the conscious endeavors to comprehend the uniqueness of Western civilization as the greatest achievement of the world human history.

The members of the Western society even cannot imagine the depth of the visceral hatred of the chiefs of societies with the regime of collective responsibility towards the people that live in the societies with personal responsibility as free self-sufficient persons! They cannot easily tranfer from the inferior status of personality to the independent, autonomous status in the Western societies, because of necessity of the prolonged period in several centuries. As a rule this Western personal freedom for the migrants from backward countries is impossible for the representatives of the one or even two generations.

In turn, the people from Western countries cannot envision the situation within which the deeds of some migrants can deviate from the ordinary habits and skills proper to the Western society. The stubbornness of the Arabs against Jews, the migrants from Africa and Middle East against the attempts of the society to absorb them we must explain by the innate roots of the religious and national cultures that cannot and do not want to adapt to the norms of the Western civilization.

Due to this these representatives of alien cultures undergo the colossal difficulties of the civilizational adaptation. Contrary to this, these persons try to decompose the unity of the European society in order to adapt these advanced societies in favor of their demands and wants. As a rule they are unable to the creative activity and attempt to conquer the dominant status in the Western society penetrating into the state power in order to possess the advantages of the dominant state status of despot proper to the backward countries and societies. They try to take part in the general elections, use the democratic procedures in order to ultimately to destroy the democratic order in the West.

The main support they meet from Russian state leaders and their ideologists that never concealed their remote goals. It is enough to trace the evolution of their views and opinions on the “rotten” Western state and cultural order.

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