S. Ovcharenko. About the aftermath of wide-spread automation

  Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Meeting the supporters of Trump"

We must consider the forced process of the tranformation of the human consciousness from rational level down to the level of the fragmented consciousness that is able to per-ceive the mythological representation of the world picture. In this moment we must trace the reducing from holistic to partial picture of world and impossibility to return on the former more high level of human personal development. In this context we ought to see the fragmentation of the human impressions and images that bar the ability to return in last state of our mentality.

All these actions of leaders of postcommunist oligarchic and Muslim countries attempt to provide in the western societies outside the West through the corruptive politicians or enthusiastic supporters, so-called “useful idiots” (by Lenin). On other hand the wide-spread automatization in the advanced Western countries generate the splitting up of the Western population that can or cannot adapt to the aftermath of this technological revolution. This very significant part of the Western working class was startled by the unforeseen consequences of the technological unemployment causes. These new paupers launch to seek the leaders of the nation that could promise to return the old ordinary order. Trump is a result of this fear before the uncertain common future.

The new means of communications erased the state borders, the vertical ties transmit into the horizontal relationships that facilitate the influence of new ideas and accelerate disinformation from alien countries. The Western politicians ought to be aware of the intentions of all postcommunist leaders from postcommunist countries that are more danderous than Muslim extremists.

Contrary to this, the Western world is forced to enlighten the illiberal population in the backward countries and it must overcome the real fragmentation of Western society because of the technological revolution that generated the social splitting up inside the Western society. The Western society as a whole ought to piece out the negative consequences of this deep technological upheaval in the domain of the cultural upbringing and education. In short, the Western state power is forced to rectify the shortages of family upbringing and supply the reverse impact on the family.

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