S. Ovcharenko. Migrants and the threat of unnoticed cultural changes

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Исламские мигранты в Европе"

The theme of negative self-identification is more realizable by our cultural opponents. The problem of European civilization is in our need in the preservation of positive self-identification. But the main problem we can see in the fact that they, migrants can define their civilization as Muslim; in the same time we cannot identificate ourselves as Christian civilization that opposes Muslim.

Due to the fact that we are not such consistent Christians as they are the faithful Muslims. We have more a secular history from the 18th century, based on legal, cultural, historical roots from the pagan times of Greece and Rome. They enlighted and gave impetus to the development of European civilization in general and then there was the assimilation of the ancient heritage. And the task of Europe in the sense of cultural self-identification was that it would be better to study its history and rely on it against this expansion of orthodoxal Islam in Europe. The creative flash of the great Antiquity in Europe goes through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Enlightenment until our time.

Complete stages of European culture passed. But Islamic expansion and postcommunist impetus of Putin’s Russia blurs achievements in Europe. That from which Europe refused in its cyclical development Islamists by their presence push Europe back to remnants of barbarian customs. Because the third world did not go through those irreversible stages of development that Europe went through. And makes a blurred crystal lattice of European culture, this destroys it by their own presence.

Not even because they are bad, but because they are alien to our paintings, our literature, our psychology, our subconscious. We all live as were born from European Antiquity. For us, Socrates, Plato are ours. German French literature is close to us. Conan Doyle, Paganini, Turgenev, Pasternak – all entwined in one cultural field.

They will not take it to heart. They can learn as someone else’s formula of someone else’s science, but they will not be able to penetrate into its meaning, its core, its heart. This requires centuries and centuries. And at this time they are trying so hard to decompose modern Western civilization. Not that they are terrorists, although there are enough terrorists, not that they are hooligans, but that they are carriers of another cultural code. This requires centuries and centuries. And at this time they are trying so hard to decompose modern Western civilization. Not that they are terrorists, although there are enough of terrorists, not that they are hooligans, but that they are carriers of another cultural code.

And not always this foreign cultural code will be in favor of our cultural code or “alphabet”, subconscious code, momentum. The very presence of these people sreens us, isolates, dispels. Not by their bad deeds, but by their own code. We can learn Persian Zoroastrianism at a distance, Hinduism at a distance. Here, with the compulsory execution of their ritual, we do not need this. This can not be done. They will tell us that dress or not dress a headscarf, hijab, eat or do not eat pork – it’s none of your business. No one dares to say what to eat and do. You came here, and not we came to you. This should be emphasized on every detail, on every fact. Because concessions to the cultural code go unnoticed. Not by a coup, not by death, not by blood, but by slow code change, code exposure by someone else’s code. Moreover, in the rivalry of cultures, if they are on an equal footing, it wins a more primitive level, and not an advanced. In Switzerland, swimming in a school where they, migrants, are forced to follow the general Swiss rules. No? Evicted until expulsion. In Germany, for hooliganism and terrorist attacks are evicted even with their parents. In Ukraine, the question: what to do with collaborators? A prison, or to evict into Russia with an one-way ticket with food. From the Donbass we must simply evict those who called Putin’s troops. You can not allow them choose the government. But this requires a change of regime in Ukraine. So long as there is no self-identification as Ukrainians, they can not enter the power, otherwise they will start introducing an alien cultural code. Do business, teach the children under control, no more. There is a Western problem that a demoralized mass of people in panic begins to choose demagogues such as Trump, Le Pen, Putin. What to do about it? Because, having come to power, they will begin to dictate their living conditions to the creative Mask. They will strive for power. These are all the people who come, they will tear themselves to power. They will not make intellectual discoveries, develop science, they will tear themselves to power. To plunder the profits! A person either derives income or expropriates income. They will try to expropriate income. To gain criminal rent. This is the ultimate goal of these people. They, extremist migrants, are eager to drive everyone into sharashki(human aviaries), just as Stalin drove Soviet scientists. It was the prototype of what they want to do. And they have no other choice. Such a scheme. They will either create or create with those who will create. There is no third. Who can not create – will intrigues and strive for power. From there they will dictate. They are not complaisant. Alaric served in the Roman army and did not want to conquer Rome. He wanted to receive money for his service, but Rome was so weak, there was no indigenous population, Ultimately, a cultural code change occurred.

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