S. Ovcharenko. The cultural conflict and renaissance of Totalitarianism

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Столетие Октябрьской революции и ислам"

(Excerpt from the book “Human Desert and Cultural Mutations”)

The total political and moral fall of Communism cannot prevent the existence of the communist and other totalitarian movements and organizations even in the Western society. All the totalitarian ideas are enrooted into the specific psychological state of separate persons or some social groups inside which can arise the group discipline that principally contradicts the rules of life in the surrounded environment with the principles of political and ideological pluralism. The strict discipline of closed enclaves with the collective of strongly oriented bigots potentially can crack the unity of the Western society in this or that Western country. The essential efforts of the Russian government were directed against the major values of the Western civilization through the most weakened persons or groups of the pluralistic Western society in order to create the malignant closed enclaves with autonomous regime and discipline.

This last fact was very seriously. The Soviet spies always began as sincere fighters against capitalists in the world and the private property as a main source of social injustice. The fight against social injustice always was based on the prolonged tradition of the struggle against capitalist system in itself. In truth, the left-wing parties always existed before the emergence of the first communist state in Russia in 1917.

The course of world history in the high school we have perceived from the “Manifesto of Communist Party” of Marx and Engels. Of course, these authors in truth were great fighters and thinkers. I thought about the great desire of simple people to reach freedom and equality on the level of their perception or representation. Proponents of a certain ideology are always indulgent to the logical inconsistencies of their ideology. I could add that these proponents are also indulgent to the truth of their ideology or religion that even contradicts to the conditions of their own practical life. The deep historical events cannot immediately rectify our prejudices and misconceptions.

Nevertheless, in the case of the “Manifesto” we can track the attempt to state the thought about the capitalist globalization that was relied on the fact of the creation of the world market of goods and services. The cheap goods ought to break through the national borders and fetters of indigenous cultures. Two centuries ago we can see the aggressive expansion of Western civilization into the countries of so called Third World with the goal of total Europeanization of the rest of the whole world. This intense expansion prolonged more than two centuries till the end of the World War 11. After the collapse of colonial empires this Third Word launched the counter-attack on the countries of “Gold Billion”.

Of course, the backward countries of Third World cannot conquer the Western countries because of the cultural, economic and military weakness. It does not matter. They began to migrate massively in the Western and other European countries in order to impose their own rules in the host countries. In the indigenous countries the elites cease to imitate Western fashion and Western customs. On the contrary, they aggressively attempt to impose their rules of behavior and fashion for the indigenous population of the West. The process of cultural dissolution was launched far years ago. After the spontaneous self-collapse of Soviet Communism the West comes to the conclusion that this intense opposition had jumped to successful result. Certainly, it existed the significant period of reconciliation. But the severe necessity of the historical survival pushed the postcommunist oligarchs to the irreconcilable confrontation with the Western World in conjunction with the Muslim extremists.

Because of the true self-sufficiency of the Western civilization the Western countries and societies attempted to avoid the hostility between the postcommunist countries and themselves. The essential self-sufficiency of the Western civilization tends to hedge from the alien cultures by means of some disregard to other foreign cultures. Taking into consideration this starting point, we can admit the opinion that the contemporary West cannot have the vast program of counteractions program against postcommunist regimes that act in conjunction with the Muslim extremists on the areas of Western civilization. First of all, it is principally impossible to suppose the possibility of peaceful coexistence of civilized world of personal responsibility and the barbarian world of collective responsibility tightly connected with the rules of personal irresponsibility. If the West avoids the attack on the barbarian world with its backward rules of life, this barbarian world launches the assault against the European civilization as a whole.

Of course, this expansion through the flows of migrants was facilitated namely because of this same technological revolution, its means and accelerated fluctuation within the social structure of the Western society. In fact, this inner mix within the Western society emerged as a reaction on the implications of the expanded automation and increase of the scale of unemployment in the Western industry where the majority of Working class becomes useless. This lost generation of working class attempts to influence the political processes in the society, including the top of the state power. The election of Donald Trump was as a result of the objective changes and challenges in the distribution of labor. During the electoral campaign Trump promised to preserve their backward workplaces and create the USA as a Great Country. Moreover, president proposed the internally contradictory actions that allowed him to reach this Greatness. On the one hand, he tries to cut the expenditures inside the country in order to overcome the budget deficit, on the other hand he tries to increase the military expenditures with aim of the more active participation abroad. Meantime, he tries to wage the isolationist policy and draw the attention for the needs of the American population and to stop intense migration from some Muslim countries and, correspondingly, diminish the migration throughout the Mexican border.

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