S. Ovcharenko. Danger of Postcommunist elite for the Western world


Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Путин и другие постсоветские диктаторы"    This is the starting point and meaning of the existence of oligarchy. They principally reject the competition as normal economic phenomenon. Instead of this they prefer to use against potential competitors the state law enforcement agencies. In these countries with limited right on private property they consequently prevent the foreign investments because they try to avoid the inevitable (in this case) the facts of fair and equal competition. Our new civil society had faced the facts of open violence from the side of the oligarchic state power and, in turn, was enforced to unite in order to defeat of historically ugly oligarchic criminal regime that looks like the dominance of the gangsters in several Western countries. In the field of political struggle our civil society was absolutely inexperienced. Contrary to this the oligarchy successfully inherited the experience of state intrigues and total violence, manipulation by the consciousness of average citizen of post-Soviet country. The oligarchy still preserves visceral influence on the overwhelming part of the population. To break this inner psychological interconnection between oligarchy and the significant majority of population is the most difficult problem, daunting task for the new civil society that spontaneously had emerged on the ashes of classic state Communism. This passive majority does not feel the rottenness of the state oligarchic power in their own countries. Instead of this, this tiny civil society is aware of the antagonism between the oligarchy and civil society/ is ready to resist to the victorious finish.

The oligarchic social group is forced to unite around its authoritative leader in order to counter the whole normal world. Of course, this point of view can seem strange, even irrational for the free self-sufficient society. Nevertheless, we ought to admit the most irrational variants of individual or collective conduct, scrupulously elaborated in the tough societies or in closed enclaves.

From this starting point we must grasp the irrational component of the undoubtedly real life. Certainly, without the admission of the irrational, even fantastic components of the Postcommunist oligarchic we never can understand this very possible dystopia in the future not only in the post-Soviet but also in the Western countries. Edward Lucas and Peter Pomerantsev, as we said above, scrupulously described the major ways of this informational war against the West as a whole. However, we must denote the main premises of this very energetic evil will of the Putin’s Russia in core European and so called “frontline” countries, taking into account the countries from the former Soviet Union and countries of Central Europe. In short, the main motive of oligarchic elite from the former Communist countries is an instilling of the mental rottenness into the Western society and subversion of the stable state regimes.

It seems, the main question: could these oligarchic regimes survive without the aggressive policy against the rest of the world? Could these dying distorted regimes avoid the confrontation with the Western countries? Evidently, these dying regimes are forced to increase the pressure on the most advanced Western countries in order to enlarge the area of their dominance and to provide the decay of the prosperous countries. We ought to remember that their dominance is a practice of the “scorched earth” under their own feet. The “successful” devastation of their own countries was as a condition of the survival of these irrational regimes whence we can see the results of the human negative selection. This distorting process inevitably led to the desolation of nature.

In short, we ought to see the very inventive imagination of the agents of these irrational projects for the neighboring countries. The first principled opponents of these distorted inhuman politicians emerged namely in the same countries where the oligarchs attempt to launch the aggressive incursion through the new means of the connection and communications. These first representatives of renewed civil society tried to identify themselves in the unknown world with lack of prolonged social, historical experience. they tried to find the vital niches in order to consolidate and boost their own status quo. In this transition period the small and middle business permanently was under the pressure of the oligarchic public authorities. The Postcommunist oligarchic state power as former Communist elite clearly understood that they cannot admit the normal birth of free business and, correspondingly, the civil society. This oligarchic Postcommunism regularly quelled society in order to preserve their everlasting dominion over their own populace.

Of course, the Western civil society compassionated the birth and development of Ukrainian civil society despite the antagonistic attitude from their oligarchic state power. In

these conditions the oligarchs of all the Postcommunist countries were forced to expand their aggression across the borders of other countries for the sake of the accelerating decay of too advanced natural class enemies world-wide. The new means of the means of connection and communications allow realize these actions inside the Western countries, relying on the weakest layers of the Western society that needs in the overall protection with lack of normal upbringing and education, the unavailability to the expedient thinking and activity. This historically unexpected interference with the Western political life by the way of the informational war was as a striking factor of Western political life.

Meantime, the new civil society in, say, Ukraine step by step accumulated the useful experience of counteractions, knowing well the genuine essence of this criminal oligarchy, inherited from the Soviet Past. This tiny Ukrainian civil society is the strongest part of the Ukrainian population that knows well the motives and goals of Postcommunist oligarchy and is ready also counterpart the undermining activity of Postcommunist or religious attempts to decompose the Western society. Namely our representatives of Postcommunist civil society can warn the public opinion of the West and other Postcommunist countries about the actual danger of the cultural and psychological dilution of the significant parts of the Western societies.

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