S. Ovcharenko. Renewing of some historical paradoxes from the remote past

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Putin' police as a heir of Lenin's secret police"Excerpt from my new book)

Now, certainly, we can see the main danger from religious migrants. Despite this, we ought to attract the attention at the hidden character of Russian intelligence service that stands behind the backs of religious bigots and the creators of ISIS. We can reveal the tracks of Russian secret services. The super-aim is the erosion of the foundations of Western society and to conquer the control over the vital resources of the Western civilization. In this context we must recall the Soviet “sharashki” i.e. human aviaries for the “too clever” intellectuals. Once, the Western intellectuals will discover the severe religious or oligarchic governors, dictators behind their backs. In Bolshevik Russia during the civil war of 1917 – 1923 the Bolshevik Commissars were behind the backs of former tsar officers that, eventually, defeated other officers that were not under the guns of Commissars…The human history, as a rule, very paradoxical. The Bolsheviks (writers, journalists, engineers, workers, criminals) defeated the tsar generals and officers, graduated from Academy of General Staff with help of…other generals and officers from the same Academy of General Staff – in other words – by other graduates that never dreamed to be Bolsheviks, proletarian generals and officers!

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