October 1917: Upheaval and contemporary West. Ayn Rand

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Ayn Rand"During the centenary of the Russian 1917 Revolution we are doomed to remember the consequences of the most decisive turn of the human history of XX and XX1 centuries. Despite this the majority of Western population ignores the fact of key role of Russian Revolution in the Western countries even if they did not undergo under this severe closed regime in most cruel forms. Ayn Rand, American philosopher during the civil war lived under the state power of Bolsheviks and have had to be aware of the essence of Communism and the methods of totalitarian regime. For this reason, she could see the abyss of totalitarianism. She did not follow only the dry abstract judgments of the intellectuals from American universities but tried to come to her conclusions relying on the historic practical experience in unity with the academic philosophic knowledge. This tragic simultaneous contact with the historical reality and the intellectual inheritance of Europe and Russia was resulted into the outstanding philosophic and scientific conclusions. She tried to accumulate and reflect her multilateral experience in the solid results. As a result she had foreseen the aftermath of the distorted social development in her novels, for instance.

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