S. Ovcharenko. The family in the conditions of unexpected challenges

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Мигранты из России и Украины в США и Европе"

(Exerpt from the book “In Human Desert”)

The family itself is usually more conservative than the other levels of the same society. If the society becomes more open, the family in the conditions of relative freedom becomes more closed from the external forcible state impacts. I earlier mentioned the cancellation of the Law misprision that existed in the former Soviet Union. This same Law imprison must bring bear the special attention because of the most vivid manifestation of collective responsibility at the cost of individual irresponsibility. Ultimately, to be as the social atom becomes unprofitably. On other hand this fact showed up the actual inability of the majority of population to utilize these favorable circumstances.

As a result we could consider the psychological difference within the families and the distinctions between the members of families. The inherent nature has a broad span of opportunities and abilities to show up their unexpected personal autonomy. In this case we ought to appreciate the relativity of the family towards the whole society and the relative independence of the personality towards the family and the social broad environment. The today’s society in the light of last discoveries in science and technology increasingly needs in the ability to discover and deploy the innate and acquired capabilities in favor of the society and his/her own life prospects. The further development of the absolute automation entails the accelerating growth of uncontrolled, unexpected implications of the shadow results of this compelling progress of the manufacturing.

We ought to take into account the continuous lag of the human nature from the development of the manufacturing system. Of course, as a rule, the family cannot cope with the demands of the actual civilizational requirements.

The nature of family where was absent the tradition of collective solidarity we should consider the infantile relations to the social and private problems. This psychological and intellectual infantilism of parents within the family could entail the premature ripening on the more low level of upbringing and education. The defiant infantilism becomes fatal in the conditions of sudden social loneliness of the separate person. The accelerated maturation was as a method of necessary survival. The indifference to the social and cultural questions became unprofitable. These isolated social atoms are unable to face the essential challenges and realize their own life vocation. The sudden external challenges provoked the increase of the active interest to the social life and cultural inheritance. But we cannot forget that the criminal oligarchic elite tried to restore the regime of eternal unmotivated fear and state of negative selection of population with the mythological views in the scope of the ordinary thinking of the population.

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