S. Ovcharenko. The some aspects of evolution of Post-Communism

In this case I mean only this same tiny minority with insufficient influence on the rest of society. The infantile disoriented majority was forced to seek the protection from new ruling circles even in the face of criminal state power such as the regimes of Yanukovych of Poroshenko in Ukraine or Lukashenko in Belarus. The criminal elite cannot provide the social protection for the vulnerable layers of population, including social benefits. It prefers to live at the expense of them. In this context the oligarchy is weaker than former communist nomenclature that could deliver the minimal social protection to the poorest part of the population and go on to prepare the preconditions and conditions of the World Communist Revolution. Oligarchy even cannot acquire the victory over the former enemies in the front-line countries that earlier were the parts of the former Soviet Union. Oligarchy is weaker than former communist nomenclature and closer to the ultimate historical disappearance in these front-line countries. In order to survive and preserve their mode of life the postcommunist state power attempts to undermine the stable democratic institutions and stable cultural, psychological atmosphere in the core western countries, relying on the unemployed population because of the overall automation in the most advanced countries. In short, we ought to see the strong motivation of this prolonged confrontation against the democratic order in the western countries using the inner contradictions in these same Western countries. I mean the cardinal changes in the heart of the Western or European world that change not only the material ground of our common existence but also the irreversible challenges of our own mind, our consciousness and our set of emotions, our outlook.

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