S. Ovcharenko. What is the need of a person who does not need anything?

If a person does not see the material abyss, he, above all, seeks recognition, significance.

Significance is manifested not only in the fact that you are getting richer, it is by itself, but in controlling the conditions of your moral, psychological existence among people, regardless of affluence. It is the comfort of relationships with people. The abyss is gone. I came, they met me well, they recognize me, I feel comfortable. Comfort of relations with people is the main goal of a person who has irreversibly gained material prosperity.

This is important. Then the mechanism of the reverse is involved, if you have something wrong – you are not comfortable and it depreciates the meaning of your wealth. Wealth is not yet a home – it is the foundation. It seems like a house while it’s not there. When it is real thing – you see that this is only the foundation. A house is where you feel neither cold nor hot, where you control the temperature, humidity, etc. Where you regulate the attitude towards yourself. And if it turns out that in this home all alienated from you – then why this foundation, if you have not a home. Why did I fight all my life for material prosperity? If there is nobody around me, if there is no one to share with. Why does a woman have beauty, if nobody loves her? It is necessary to be for someone. The same must be expressed outside, including sexual and marital attractiveness. Therefore, the importance is the control of the moral and psychological environment. And so the loss of this control reduces the value of the accumulation of material wealth in itself. So Gates returns to Harvard University. Why would he? He has money. And Jack London wanted to return to study in order to acquire a certain reputation. There are many examples of people who die after reaching prosperity. And why should I? While you are struggling with difficulties, the meaning is acquired in the very physical survival. And when the problem of physical survival is solved – this is the most difficult moment for a person.

And then begins the personal psychological injury of the people from the lower classes. According to Jack London, Martin Eden (“Martin Eden”) tried to love Lizzie, but he could not. Ruth, as though he had deceived him, but in fact – she’s just different. He can not live with her like a man of another nature.

But there were other people from a simple social habitat who had a normal life. They were able to become their classical intellectuals by their constant work on themselves and quietly arrange a personal life. They had to work on themselves. Reflecting their past, they see themselves from a new starting point with the new scale of values. It is important to understand that the cause is not outside, but inside. And intellectually untrained people classify problems without reflexing, seeing only the outside world, not their inner world. A simple person grows old faster than a well educated person in the eyes of others. A cultural person grows old later, at least in the senses of others. The first overcoming of the obstacle for personal self-realization is the interruption of the inertia of his personal life, which leads away from his vocation. The second is the ability to be free, self-sufficient.

The most difficult thing is to be unconstrained, at ease at leisure, at the company, when talking about trifles. Not about important matters in which you understand and where you worked, namely, on the “aristocratic” everyday level. It is there that we have the most difficult exam for survival.

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