S. Ovcharenko. Matrix of cultural values during elections

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "выборы в сша 2016"

Shift in the matrix of cultural values and on a personal level and not on personal. It is necessary to worry, to think not about, as Alshuller would say, about the object, and not about the passive. Think about how best to make money, and not to find a property that is a financial liability, so comfortable for our ordinary thinking.  It is better to teach this at school, rather than at a later age. Who does not learn this in a childhood, growing up remain children who recognize the leadership over themselves, so that there will be no disasters. In America it is hard workers and for them the new entrepreneurs can break up the work into small partial operations. There they began to retrain miners for programmers in some states. In many cases the desired enrollment for the courses exceeds the possibilities. Simple, not developed in childhood, people do not keep pace with scientific and technological progress and therefore very fond of dictators, perceiving them as a substitute for parents. Although for them is worse from this guide. There must be a measure of violence and non-violence. There are things that can not be ceded, which can not be delegated to hired workers, in general to other people. The problem is how to limit the suffrage. Civilization does not survive unless you restrict the suffrage to bearers of a different culture. The whole question is how to find the criterion, so that culturally alien could not choose the state power. There is a notion of incapacity of adult person that can be not competent or be hostily to our culture or civilization. We need to find these subtle evaluation mechanisms.

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