Stanislav Ovcharenko: What Should Do the Person with Complex Cultural Inheritance?

Immanuel Kant Museum in Kaliningrad

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The problem of involvment (complicity), universal basic income, common cultural code.

(Excerpts from my full manuscript From the Human Wilderness with “cultural mutants)

The payment for the universal basic income is non-participation in all affairs and problems of society, if a person lives in line of natural instincts and only limits himself to them. And a person is forced to strain his consciousness, create motivation for himself, otherwise he will perish as a social cultural being. It will begin to degenerate, degrade and die early. Himself. And there will be no one to blame, none of the people around him hindered anything. There is a source of existence, a source of information – and what is all this for? Nothing. Nature itself will make sure that such a person does not exist physically. He himself will shorten his physical life as spiritually useless. This is at such a historical moment when the role of the intellectual, cultural motivation of an individual grows enormously.

But at the same time, the threat of starvation is eliminated as a motivation for labor activity. At this point, the tendencies and counter-tendencies of the development of the cultural code of the nation and the individual are the main content of the subsequent historical development of the free individual. A person either becomes free in his creative self-realization – or spontaneously dies out not from hunger, but from a lack of meaning in life.

And such a passive individual will not even know where this atmosphere of meaninglessness of existence came from, since it arose BEFORE the person began to consciously choose his life scenario immediately after birth.

A person must be included in the creative process of self-realization in time of talent discovery as early as possible. This alone creates harmony between body and consciousness. Purely physical consumption does not give a feeling of harmony of existence, but provokes cultural and psychological decomposition, moral intoxication.

Wild animals are beautiful because they get their own food, straining, acting. A wild animal is never called cattle, but only those whom man himself has tamed. And the universal basic income tames a lot of people, and then all the problems of personality in the new civilization are just beginning. For example, at zero gravity, at first it makes you sick. The pleasure of lightness – it all starts after. The nature of freedom is precisely this: first, trials by troubles – only then pleasure and enjoyment.

       A person wants freedom, but if he cannot use it, at first there will be only suffering, as a test for the moral right to enjoy the joy of a free life of a self-fulfilling person. Capitalism in France emerges within feudalism, as Moliere wrote about in the 17th century: “Bourgeois in the nobility”, “Miser”. Where he describes the customs and habits of the emerging bourgeois society. The revolution in France is taking place at the end of the 18th century, but positive results for the “ordinary” people are not yet visible. These positive results of the revolution will manifest themselves in a century, by the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries. It always takes time to master a new material or social asset. People must not only win back something, but also learn to use this property. This is a complex process. To date, all the consequences of the invention of the Internet, mobile communications, automatic production and transport have not yet appeared. These consequences will not only be positive.

Involvement of the mass of people who are accustomed to survive in the pursuit of food from hunger, but here it turns out that there is no hunger. And this is the biggest drama and tragedy. This is an example of the personlessness of people. What to do when there is no hunger, hunger stimulus even by poverty? Moreover, it is intangible, incomprehensible for those who do not want to understand anything.

Ukraine is also an example of the lack of personality of people and societies, which vegetates until something explodes in it. It seems that there is independence, they accidentally got it, but it was not obtained, not won back. It’s like a piece of the former USSR, but now we have to fight anew and acquire ourselves again. As for African Americans in the United States. Even John Brown’s rebellion in the United States was a white farmer’s rebellion against slavery. African Americans themselves began to fight on their own only after centuries in the 60s of the 20th century against segregation. But then they did not fight, and now they again have to deal with actual discrimination. Only two centuries later did they realize that they themselves had to conquer and take, and not receive in the form of a historical gift.

By the way – about African Americans: they are NOT immigrants, they are native residents of the United States precisely because they did not come themselves, but they were forcibly brought into the United States as slaves. It is already unclear from which African country the ancestor of this or that African American was forcibly removed. But it is also true that the civilized culture of an individual requires a very long historical development of the national cultural code. In this case, whites do have a historical cultural advantage, since the civilization of white Europeans was born thousands of years ago. The ancestors of African Americans were a tribal traditional society with a mythological attitude to the world and to oneself. This is no more than 200-300 years – the historical period is short enough to assimilate the achievements of world culture at an ordinary level.

The point here is not racism: Ukrainians and Russians also belong to the white race. But the high culture in Russia and Ukraine – also of too late historical origin – is also the same 200-300 years old as that of African Americans in the United States. The truth is that the state as a social institution appears much earlier. The culture of white residents of the United States is based on the traditions of the ancient ancient culture of Ancient Greece and Rome, which was not the case for African Americans, Russia and Ukraine, the homeland of the author of this book.

       What is the curse of freedom – it is that you cannot “give” freedom, it can only be recapured – and then only independently. You cannot give a person prosperity – he must acquire it himself: either by struggle, or by cunning, or to comprehend this goal in time.

Freedom in the South of America was presented “from above”, and then after 20 years, racial inequality, segregation began to return back. Northern white society has become increasingly reconciled with southern white society. Southerners began to erect monuments to the heroes of the southern side of the civil conflict, General Lee and others, but the southerners agreed with the domination of the northerners in the whole country. If African Americans do not protect and do not exercise their rights, they have been pushed to the sidelines of national life. Only a hundred years later, African Americans realized that this was bad and began to put forward demands for common schools, neighborhoods with whites, etc.

But an equally important front in the struggle of African Americans for equality with whites is an internal factor in the development of the culture of African Americans themselves – within the African American community itself, the development of the ability to self-organize such a society that was previously created and supported by white immigrants from Western Europe. They had to get rid of the traditions and remnants of the tribal African culture.

African Americans fit perfectly into social and professional groups that were previously built by whites, but will African Americans themselves be able to build those social and state relations in which they themselves would be comfortable living? The Palestinian Arabs are still unable to build a state near Israel, although there is territory. Is there a prosperous state on Earth where people from Africa would be the dominant power? The Japanese, Koreans, (South Korea) Chinese (Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan) were able to create highly developed modern states. Therefore, there is no movement against white dominance in their territory. In the USA, one should look at the experience of Detroit …

It is not enough to receive something, you have to realize what you have received. It is not enough to have, you need to understand what you have. America is called not by the name of the discoverer Columbus, but by the name of the one who realized that this is NOT India, but America. And only a country in South America, a federal district around Washington, was named Colombia. The person who performed the act of awareness was more appreciated than the navigator. It is not enough to gain, one must be aware of what you have gained or not gained. Without an act of self-consciousness, a person or society is not integral in their manifestations outside in the world.

In the Western countries there are fundamental things that are not built on pure commerce. This is scientific research that does not have immediate income, agriculture, where consciously, from the head, it is not organized like a latifundia, otherwise there will be desolation, as in Rome. Small farms, a certain number of hectares are supplied from above. The sphere of education and health care also cannot be completely commercialized.

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