Stanislav Ovcharenko. The fate of new free personality in post-Soviet countries

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Розправа над студентами 30 листопада 2013 року"Exerpt from the manuscript of book “In Human Drsert”

Now the civil societies in fronline postsoviet countries self-define and self-determine up to the armed resistance against old governing elite.

Now, Ukraine and Baltic countries are the frontline states that resist aggressive Russia.  The aggression of Russia and the same resistance were caused by the diverse vectors of social and economic evolution. Nevertheless the real fact of professional and cultural lag in Western societies more sharply, painfully is manifested in the backward countries from so called Second and Third Worlds. Thus, all three Worlds have the same cultural and economic problems and challenges because of the same identity of human nature. Of course, this human nature manifests itself in different degrees, depending on the defined stage of historical development of the different countries and societies.

We must define the state of human personality in accordance to the ability to adapt to new social and cultural conditions, the degree of the mental, intellectual flexibility of any individual. We ought to denote the fact of the genuine impossibility to mend the distorted human nature that was maimed in the fearful conditions of closed or half-closed authoritarian society. Certainly, we can treat this people as some “cultural mutants”. I. e. they are “beyond repair”. They do not want to absorb new knowledge, new significant information. Instead, they want to return to the past historical situation within which all the conflicts and problems were clear and comprehensible. In this case we have no the inability in purely natural meaning. We must notice the reluctance or even refusal to change themselves according to their stable scale of values that doomed them to be unable to comprehend anything. This is a point of departure for understanding of the main conflict during the technological upheaval in post-industrial society.

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