S. Ovcharenko. New technology in the defeat of Hillary Clinton

The opinions among public drastically divided between supporters Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

But in this case I would like to abstract from the confrontation these considerable politicians and draw the attention at the consequences of the technological revolution in the world, especially in USA as a leader of the world technological revolution with its considerable, even vast problems for the fates of the immense majority of population. Initially we can see it in USA after we will see in the rest of Western world.

The usage of the e-automatic technology inevitably displaces the vast part of the working class especially the uneducated unskilled people, including, of course, the white working class that still dominates in USA. This advent of Donald Trump was a last effort of this working class to return the state of advanced part of country.

We have to notice analogous process more than two centuries ago during the industrial upheaval when in Great Britain the vast masses of artisans and peasants had lost their jobs because of the invention of steam-engine and, after – electricity. The vast masses became useless. The steam engine, and after the electricity, supplanted the millions of artisans and peasants out of the economy. But in this historical period in Europe it had not the universal suffrage. The voters of Western Europe cannot protest against this technological upheaval with help of universal suffrage. Great Britain experienced the violent Luddite movement in X1X century.

Now we have a new period of technological upheaval with the emergence, growth of the new social groups that represent new scientific and technological achievements and that tend to supplant the backward enterprises and jobs as useless. This too objective process of technic replacement the workers and employees of the backward branches that tend to attribute the evil will to politicians and to state officials. Obviously, the less educated people try to avoid the comprehension of the contradictive evolution of productive forces as something impersonal.

In this case of presidential campaign in USA and electing Trump as candidate from Republican Party we can see too complex intersection of many processes and tendencies.

Above I mentioned theme of technological revolution influence, we must also denote the problems of the traditional white America that rebelled against not only new tendencies in the economy but also against mighty flows of migrants that threaten to dissolve, melt the “indigenous” white population, prominent “WASP” (white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant). This national core of the nation was formed many years ago that shaped the USA so as we well know. The revolt of the indigenous population has merged with the support of the white working class that represents backward part of economy. The traditional white population knows well that their share of the population gradually reduces. It trouble, of course.

The main mistake of Democrats, it seems, is their opinion that the technological, scientific progress inevitably leads to the mitigation of civilizational contradictions and conflicts. At least, they did not deny the idea of cultural multiculturalism that was incarnated in the politics of so called “political correctness”, hushing up real contradictions

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