S. Ovcharenko. The efforts of front against the West from Oligarchs and religious extremists

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "союз путинцев и мусульман в Европе"

(Exerpt from the book “In human Desert”)

Recently almost all important impulses were from the creative minority of Ukraine. We must notice that intelligentsia has recently been stood out from society as a most active part of the civil society and reached the right to have a private property. Since this moment the human rights transformed from imaginary into real phenomenon. Namely chaotic unforeseen processes provided the opportunity to have the property in the conditions of still existing dominance of old postcommunist nomenclature.

Since 1991 in post-Soviet countries passed the parallel processes of the growth of civil society and the postcommunist governing nomenclature that tried to destroy this new civil society and preserve their own absolute predominance. Sooner or later these two social layers have to start a war between itself.   It concerns also the clash between Ukraine and Putin’s Russia, oligarchs of Russia and even Ukraine against civil societies in Ukraine and the West where the influence of civil society dominates during long-time.

Before 1917 the most important role of the creative minority was the same. It is simply, now the middle class displaced the working class. Peasantry and high intellectual elite in fact have disappeared as owners of tangible or intellectual property. Under Stalin Soviet power killed even poets, scholars, as said the poet Osip Mandelstam. However, being in prison, it was killed this same poet Osip Mandelstam, other leading figures of science and art. These dire consequences of socialism predicted Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel “The Possessed”. Despite the exotic terrorism of Muslim extremists we must be aware of the most threat of oligarchic class from post-Soviet countries on the core of the Western society because it was born on the ground of European civilization. Plato as philosopher of Ancient totalitarianism lived not in Sparta but in Athens, a center of Greece democracy.

In our case we have the precedent of the incentive of reversible phenomenon on the situation in the Western society. In short, the major problems from post-Soviet oligarchs the West will encounter inside the Western society, its indigenous population in the most weak part. These problems are predominately concern the issues in the domain of social psychology and cross-cultural pernicious “dialogue”. The observation of the problems of cultural dialogue allows us to conclude that this cultural interaction with more backward societies cannot be in favor of the more advanced societies. Moreover, if this advanced society does not want to force the migrants to abide the rules of the Western society with its undoubted long-term accomplishments.

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