Ovcharenko. Situational alliance of Muslim fundamentalists and Postcommunist Oligarchy

Ukraine and Russia such as other postcommunist countries cannot transmit from communism directly toward the Western-like democracy and market economy. We ought to define the situation in the former post-Soviet countries (excluding Baltic countries) is very complex because of the existence of governing old nomenclature with their heirs and the deep cultural inheritance that prevents to adapt to the European way of life.

We must deny the existence of the well-known in the West “corruption” but it is the dominance of oligarchy over the postcommunist society. Edward Lucas and Peter Pomerantsev told about the threat of Putin’s Russia. I am forced to expand this threat on the governing oligarchy throughout the whole postcommunist “commonwealth” that attempts to undermine the foundation of the Western society in unity with the Muslim world. The discoveries of the technological revolution split the Western society that can or cannot adapt to the new conditions of the labor and, in general, in human activity. In USA the consequences of the technological revolution we can see in the existence of the “red” and “blue” states. In this standpoint we can consider the true attitude to these aftermath in the division of labor. One part of American (even American!) can absorb the new achievements of the technological revolution and ubiquitous automation of the American industry. Other part of this population is unable to adapt to new conditions of industry and service. These consequences we can consider in other Western countries.

As a result in the same Western countries we can see the weakened layers of population that needs in the strong protection from the side of government or, in other cases, to seek the ideological movements that could promise to create the foundation of this protective government.

In distinction of these aforementioned authors we see the inclination to unite all anti-Western forces in order to create the great obstacles inside the Western society without the using of the military invasions. This is the usage of the advanced resources of world electronic communications. The Muslim extremists try to make the explosions, numerous homicides. Post-communism tries to use the Muslim fanaticism and lead the subversive activity against Western society by means of propaganda, worldwide disinformation, preparation of intelligence against the West. In short, with aim to retain the archaic social regimes in their countries they unite their forces despite the deep ideological differences.

In its turn, the West must not underestimate the threats from the traditional leaders of Eastern countries and attack the main enemies: oligarchic regimes as continuation of the former communist closed regimes. Moreover, inside the postcommunist world we can consider that the postcommunist oligarchic front plays the main role in the opposition to the Western lifestyle. It is despite the terrorism of Muslims in the West

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