Ukraine: can we applaud the UK exit out of the EU?

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Exit of Great Britain out of EU"To welcome the collapse of the European Union we must be very short-sighted.

We could describe these events in terms of social dystopia. Barbarians destroyed the highly developed Roman Empire despite the obvious predominance of the strongest Roman Empire. It is advisable to remember this world-historical tragic event. Romans also believed that they were omnipotent.

The offensive of a doomed social system such as Russia is an aggressive expression of the untalented, incapable personality against the most advanced society or separate persons is inevitable for the sake of survival of unviable backward society and non-developed persons. We very often forget the true reason of this deep incompatibility between Eastern and Western civilizations. Everywhere we tend to perceive conspiracies, we lose the true meaning of the world-historical confrontation.

I must repeatedly get back to work of Pomerantsev Peter and Edward Lucas “Winning the Information War”. We accept the point of view of these respectful authors about the true intentions of the Kremlin leadership against the Western countries and so-called countries of near abroad.  We just want to add that this confrontation of Russian leadership was always predetermined by the irreconcilable hatred to West of the doomed political regime that cannot transform or evolve. The threat of decay of empire unites the Russian oligarchs and their destitute multinational population. Earlier we already told about the collective responsibility of Russian society in general, including this poorest rest of population that inevitably should share the joint liability with their governing criminal leadership.

In Russia there is no anti-war movement against the war in Georgia, Ukraine or Syria. We dare to affirm that the population sincerely supports the aggressive policy of the empire and disregards own life and welfare. The government may greatly reduce the standard of living to the level of meager physical survival without fear of protests. Thus, in Russia we have some unity of oligarchs and population up to the dead end.

As for Ukraine we have a quite other situation that we cannot identify with Russia or Muslim countries that are going to confront the Western countries and Western way of life. Russia and Muslim countries do not aspire to wage the social and cultural modernization in their own countries and in their tough enclaves inside the Western countries. They want to live in the West, but on its own terms, destroying this West.

Of course, these visitors from another alien world do not want to adapt themselves but to absorb this Western world.  They want to find weak spots in this so almighty Western world. Now the West is in the defense but Russia with its allies is in the offensive. This strange thing stems from the economic and cultural self-sufficiency of the West. This same self-sufficiency prevents understanding of another world. Contrary to this, Eastern world is not self-sufficient and cannot avoid the aggressive impact of the Western world. We comprehend that the West does not want to destroy or subdue the Eastern world. The same existence of Western world as such with its human rights and more advanced technological achievements inescapably deforms the comfortable life of oligarchs as former totalitarian leaders of already defunct closed societies.

We, in Ukraine, that live in the intermediate “front-line” country in which exists the relatively strong civil society that is opposed to the oligarchic criminal state power with President Petro Poroshenko. In short, we should affirm that Russia has a loyal ally and comrade-in-arms in the face of Petro Poroshenko and his cronies. Even in the conditions of external war we can see the vivid trade of Ukrainian state power with the Putin’s state regime on the Russian and Ukrainian territories. After Maidan the state power was intercepted by other oligarchs with support of the overwhelming majority of disoriented population.

As in the Middle East in Ukraine we can see the mix of external and civil war inside the country. The forces of already defunct old regime are trying to check Ukraine for strength. But the death of “Heavenly hundred”, however, was not in vain. Ukraine such as other “front-line” countries is a human resource of the Western civilization. We should not forget that the West is a small minority of mankind. Of course, Russia applauds the European Union disintegration.


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