Stanislav Ovcharenko. The clash of cultural codes in the international arena

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Clash of Civilizations"(Excerpts from book Paradoxes of Postcommunism and the West)

It seems that former Marxists better forefeel or foresee the specifics of the sharp dif-ferences between the “right” Western society belonging to Western civilization, with a cor-responding cultural code that sharply distinguishes the Western type of civilization from any type of society that belongs to a lagging society with a completely different cultural code and, accordingly, a completely different system of behavioral motivations.

Concerning this lagging world, as they themselves think of themselves, although in reality they are not the way their image seems to them.

The colonial and postcolonial history of Europe and the rest of the world takes place in four stages.

  1. The conquest of land, colonies, an active interest in local phenomena, the support of all those who back the West for a fulcrum – from trading posts.
  2. Then when the colonizers in the 20th century found that the land is not so important, and more important is the assets – they leave the colonies. But after leaving the colonies, they stopped feeling and understanding what was happening in the postcolonial world. They were interested purely academically, superficially.
  3. Finally – a period when some have already left, while others have not yet begun to move backwards towards the former colonialists.

Practical indifference to the former colonies was always preceded by misunderstanding, inability and incompetence to understand the actual, but rather complex post-colonial world, which has already changed a lot.

  1. Now, when the lagging world, having undergone an internal, postcolonial evolution, begins to return, “float” to the West, which is beginning to launch at home with the problems of migrants, because they are carriers of the lifestyle and cultural code of the lagging world, which badly or not at all combined with the economic and cultural structure of the West. For example, business in a lagging world in general can be controlled or not controlled, usually turning into fake. The postcommunist world, where the communist regimes were NOT overthrown, is in a similar state, like the rest of the lagging world.

We, in Ukraine, who are in the same shadow zone of Western civilization, better understand what is happening in the lagging world. Because it, the lagging world, lives with a completely different cultural and psychological motivation than the individualistic Western world. Therefore, clashes with representatives of, say, radical religious political regimes cause a strong psychological shock even among Western analysts.

Here, dear Elan Journo (‘What Should a Distinctively American Foreign Policy Do?’

is perplexed: “And now the questions are being raised that we, Pakistan, are helping, have given $ 15 billion, and they are arming the gangsters who are killing Americans. And the government of the States continues to consider them allies”. And they are not allies at all, like Saudi Arabia.

How to deal with this?

The evolution of the “Eastern” civilization towards the “European” civilization is slower than it was wanted and than Western leaders and peoples realize this, since they do not support those who accepted the values ​​of personal freedom in a lagging world, do not evaluate the evolution of societies as a whole lagging world, showing a political negligence to this. This indifference stems from the previous lack of close contact with the backward world before the discovery of new means of communication and transport. This well-established misunderstanding by Western leaders and thinkers of a lagging civilization – concentrates the danger on the border of two worlds. It’s simply insufficient that Samuel Huntington didn’t emphasize the fundamental difference between Western civilization and the other backward world. Enumerating civilizations – he did not rank them by structure, but simply by quantity.

Now the West is suffering because it understands the chain of events purely statistically, or some kind of detective story, in which representatives of the lagging world act with the same cultural, psychological motives as Western people – and this is far from being the case. Otherwise, they would not so actively emigrate from the lagging societies to the Western world of the “golden billion”.

Moreover, the West, by granting rights to various minorities, does not understand that even one century is not enough to accustom them to live on its territory, and continuously comes into conflict with them, which are provoked precisely by the difference in cultural codes of the clashing civilizations. In their cultural code, behavior, much remains from the time of conquest, and this former cultural code affects the level and way of life of migrants.

In order not to be racist – one must understand when you speak with migrants in your own language, but they do not perceive it – this is manifested by an OTHER civilization. And so different that it unknowingly affects the environment where they seem to be comfortably located. This is how Arabs cannot understand Jews in the Middle East during long time. They need a huge amount of time, several generations. Until then, they would dig underground tunnels into Israel, without even thinking about creating their own civilization, at least according to the Jewish model. In fact, this is the main paradox. We are not talking about individuals (white crows), but about the bulk. They were not the product of their community, their personality update on the Western model is due to some influence from outside. Individuals will always be. Novodvorskaya Valeria said that in Russia there was no Russian intelligentsia – there was a European intelligentsia in Russia.

It is necessary, finally, to figure out what kind of a lagging world it really is. Understand not as a continuation of ourselves, but as a kind of world, not like ours, so as not to undergo poisoning, self-poisoning by other people’s customs and habits, so that this alien cultural code does not dominate our consciousness, crowding out our own. Therefore, even into campuses, this intolerance of intercultural clashes has passed, which is typical of a lagging world.

In this lagging world, they skip through all the technological stages that the West has gone through one after another. If in the West there was a successive change of technological structures for two or three centuries, then the type of person itself changed. In the backward world, in a very short time, there is a jump through technical, technological stages, which leaves a person the same as when using manual labor characteristic of tribalist society with the collective responsibility of an individual. As in Russia, when World War I began, soldiers were taken to war from villages, where they still plowed by a wooden plow, and here they abruptly saw cannon, machine guns, rifles, with gaining mandatory literacy. Therefore, in order to understand something in military affairs, soldiers and sailors were beaten, demanding to recreate themselves in their self-development in one or two stages. Stalin told Churchill that the collectivization was started in order to force the patriarchal peasant to sit on the tractor. For this, it was necessary to step over the inability of oneself to absorb the new knowledge necessary for the state.

Lack of talent, inability is evil, but as if a person is not guilty. But at the heart of any inability lies precisely indifference, indifference to what will later develop, but today is still underestimated, i.e. something that would allow them to flourish later. Because when it comes time to use useful knowledge and skills, then there is no time to master a new one. Therefore, this evil is on the part of man himself – he is unable because the previous indifference.

Former Marxists, as a rule, understand cultural specifics of backward societies and labor classes in the western world much better. And reactionary politics, in particular, religious societies. Communism, in a sense, is also an archaic doctrine, because it repeats the pre-bourgeois mode of production. After all, collective i.e. state ownership, is the eastern mode of production, characteristic of a lagging world.

The “partial” man, which is produced as a result of production at the early stage of capitalism, was understood by the Communists correctly. Therefore, they began to attract such workers, that they set themselves the goal of taking power, to become behind them both entrepreneurs and workers themselves. Not all Communists wanted to overthrow the bourgeoisie, they sought, rather, to stand behind them. There are two ways of the communist dictatorship, either destroying the owner of the capital, and they themselves control, or stand behind the back with their guns to the back of the head, appropriating criminal rent. Option Stalinist and North Korean – the destruction of the owners and the adoption of capital management for themselves. Chinese and Leninist — when the “commissar” stands with a pistol at the back of his head and controls an entrepreneur or an officer, as these actions were successfully accomplished in the civil war of 1918–1923. – in the period when the tsarist generals in the Red Army defeated the tsarist generals of the White Army, as the army of the former tsar.

The Islamists, who emigrated to Europe and America, are trying to re-practice this practice of totalitarian ruling by creative people.

The first thing that socialists and communists blamed entrepreneurs for is that they are supposedly a parasitic class – they don’t work, they only control and cut off coupons as a rentier. Workers could not know everything, and could believe it, visually not seeing the real distribution of parts of private property. For example, the peasants in Tsarist Russia did not know that the land was not owned by the landlords, but laid in the banks. Therefore, workers cannot really know what the economic and political situation in the country. They do not see it.

Like potential migrants from lagging countries, they do not see what the West really is. They see people in films not in the process of labor, but in the process of entertainment and leisure. There is, however, Discovery, which shows the process of labor. But 90% of broadcasts on television or in film – either entertaining or detective. They dream, having arrived, to join the prosperous life – but by their own rules and habits.

But in reality, it is not so easy, because this simplicity of life of the Western society is real due to the perfection of the most Western culture and civilization that has developed over the centuries. And ordinary people, both migrants and citizens of Western countries, confuse perfection and simplicity of life. As soon as a simple person thinks that he sees reality as it is – he takes a new form of illusion “as genuine reality”. Facing such a cruel actual reality, without seeing illusiveness – he does not blame himself for an error – but someone from the outside.

The West has developed a lot of defensive techniques from natural forces: predators, natural phenomena, protection from crime – but the mechanism of protection against the opponents of capitalism has not yet been worked out. They can make a profit, but they cannot yet protect the system of making a profit. Often confusing the extraction of profits with the protection of the system in which a business person can extract this profit. This is the main emerging task in the context of the expansion of a lagging world with the concept of “controlled capitalism.”

The Chinese often buy assets, even compromising the profitability of enterprises today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow they will know that they have “win the commanding heights” in Western society.

Leaders of the lagging world, on the contrary, do not want as much profit as state power in Western countries. They will not take responsibility for life in Western society, much less care for the preservation of the very lifestyle. Their task is to get behind the creative Western man with a gun to the back of his head. And to propagandize the weaker strata of Western society so that when they need to shoot they don’t shoot, they must stop, but they don’t suppress destructive actions against Western society.

The failure of self-defense leads to the erosion of Western society, and this may increase, as it was in the last centuries of the Roman Empire.

To prevent this, we must look at the experience of Israel, where since 1948 we have witnessed the classical opposition of Western society, with no support from Western Europe itself in Europe and America, with the exception of the United States – and since 1967. Israel courageously withstands hundreds of times the superior forces of the surrounding hostile countries. They have developed such a system of democracy, when they can argue, parties share, “Jews of 40 nationalities”, but maintain unity in opposition. But those who deviated from the interests of Israel were killed. So they killed their hero, General Rabin, for surrendering the territories under Jewish settlements to the Arabs; earlier, they killed Bernadot, a UN official who refused Israel territories that the Israelis considered to be theirs.

Dialogue of cultures with different, even opposing cultural codes is not possible without losing one of the parties after such a “dialogue for destruction or self-destruction”. Cultural dialogue is possible only within a single cultural code, its shades in different Western countries. Some graze goats, while others drive a tractor with chips and microclimate – these are different things. But the Arabs believe that if Israel is flourishing, then at their expense – from robbery, “if they lived on the same land – they would have the same thing.” When we want to predict the future of the West, we look at the history of Israel. Israel is the laboratory of the experience of such a cultural (unsuccessful) civilizational “dialogue”.

This is how we look at the alternative history of countries divided by communists  and anticommunists – Vietnam, Korea, Germany.

Former Marxists understand more clearly the shortcomings of Western culture and the weaknesses of lagging cultures, so they often overcome them. They better understand the advantages and disadvantages of those classes that they are heading and are fighting against. If they want to influence culture and destroy it, the Communists must know what it is, and they have always known and know it. To this end, after the victory in 1917, the Communists, on the one hand, organized “Likbez” – the elimination of illiteracy, formed the so-called “workers’ faculties” to create their own intellectuals, at the same time destroying prerevolutionary intellectuals. This was the way artificial selection of people took place – they brought up a new person so that he did not have any memory of the pre-revolutionary society of OTHER life. For communists, it was very important to manage the historical memory of the entire population. Postcommunism simply used the products of artificial human selection.

This happens in the Muslim world – they are trying to recreate the religious perception of the Medieval Age world with the most cruel measures. Without blood shedding it is impossible to manage the historical memory of the population.

But this is not enough: for the success of their work, they need ideological expansion to the whole world – especially to the West, as the “source of infection” of individual human freedom, especially a responsible person, for whom the freedom of an individual is self-valuable.

But the legacy of totalitarian societies leaves severe trauma to the psyche and human co-knowledge even after the collapse of communism or the religious totalitarian dictatorship. We see that people have been so crippled, for example, in East Germany, like in other post-communist countries. Marxism, like communism, fell back under the blows of capitalism, but not far because those who want to live “in the world of fraternity, absolute justice and with collective property”, in order not to be responsible for the very foundations of their independent life – the majority of the population of even Western countries. The idea of ​​socialism as a collective fraternity will be repeatedly revived again and again, because it lies in the psychology of man, in his subconscious.

We, as former Marxists, clearly see both weaknesses of Western society — disoriented wage earners — and corrupt political and state leaders who are ready to take advantage of the turbulent processes in the social structure brought about by the technological revolution. Those who have experienced the practical experience of Marxism, even if they are not Marxists, have a special clarity of understanding the crisis periods of capitalism. Mannerheim understood the real danger of communism when he offered Yudenich and Kolchak to occupy Petrograd. The same can be said about Pilsudski (the former socialist) – about Churchill – who warned about the dangers of communism in the 20s.

It is necessary to note the paradox that ideologically the Communists themselves are least of all the Communists themselves – when they come to power. They quickly realize that there is no communism and it is not foreseen, this is a myth.

In the countries of the Eastern bloc of the Communist Parties were weak, but there was forcibly introduced communist power. On the contrary, where practical communism was less known – in France, Italy, Greece – the communist parties were strong, but Stalin cynically did not help the communists, because he saw that he could not control them. At present, the Chinese Communist Party is not spreading communism in the world, but Confucianism, which Mao Zedong fought against. For Chinese Communists, absolute power over a population deprived of the right to free private property is always important in itself. The rest is fantasy. No illusions.

What we are saying is a continuation of the work of Ayn Rand, but already after the collapse of communism — and we see it with slightly different eyes, like her compatriots from the former USSR. This is the result of the “field observations” of the further history of communism and post-communism.

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