Stanislav Ovcharenko. Nassim Taleb’s fatal fallacy regarding Putin’s Russia?

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Nassim Taleb"

The defects of the theory of Nassim Nicolas Taleb we should see in the extension of economic regularities to the other aspects of social development especially in the realm of so specific sphere as culture. We argue that the West definitely cannot be pluralistic with the cultures that have quite other cultural code that involves the destruction of another, say, Western culture, including the carriers of a completely different culture.

       Other thesis of our argument is the conclusion that the true fair pluralism can be pos-sible and adjusted only inside the same cultural code of the Western culture and civilization. The attempts of the fruitful cultural dialog between quite different cultures sinevitably lead to the defeat of the Western cultural code as the most developed. The sharp confrontations in Israel and even in Lebanon brightly show us the principal impossibility to enjoin one cultural code to another without the tragic consequences for the more developed societies throughout the world human history since the growth and collapse of Roman Empire.

The third aspect of our point of view concerns the incessant flows of migrants from the home lagging countries to the host countries with a wealthy economy and advanced intellectual life. The life fate of Nassim Nicolas Taleb could only adjust my arguments and refute the affirmations of the typical migrant – a scientist and trader from Lebanon…

The fourth aspect of our speech is the neglect of the problems of deep and principled controversy between capitalism and postcommunism in the former Soviet Union i.e. in the Putin’s Russia where we can see the typical oligarchic regime that had grown after 1991 with the cruel regime that fights against the Western civilization in itself. If our dear author admires Putin as a leader of anti-Western joint front that is ready to collaborate with the Islamist extremists in order to involve a chaos into the fabric of the Western society.

Should I think that our dear author backs this joint counter-Western War? Could Mr. Taleb say that the West has to support plurality with the deeply hostile cultures of the carriers of cultures from lagging world? Could we presuppose that migrants are able to unhindered acquisition of the norms and rule of the Western civilization? Could Mr. Taleb reveal us the true tolerance of the migrants-Islamists?

Returning to the real support of Lebanon Christians we, however, have to say that Putin and Putin’s Russia does not back the Christians or even Muslims anywhere because of the genuine nature of the Postcommunist Russian Empire. During all years of the existence of the Postcommunist Putin’s Russia Putin tries to undermine the grounds of the Western culture and civilization, provoking the confrontations, moods of tribalism among the countries Of Western Europe and Northern America in order to preserve the outdated political regimes in the countries of near abroad.

In the case of the victory of false cross-cultural Plurality in the USA or Western Europe this dear Nassim Taleb as American writer and journalist will be forced to search new safe country for the sake of his security. The final goal of Putin’s Russia is the decay and destruction of the most developed Western culture and civilization where Mr. Taleb feels comfortably.

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