Stanislav Ovcharenko. Dictators in the Post-Soviet Period and the Resistance of the Middle Class. Part One

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Insurrection on Euromaidan"

(Exerpt from the book “The Mutants in the Human Desert”)

      A lot of dictators in the world seek to adapt human nature to their own interests by several methods – from psychological or economic suppression to “simple” murders. First of all, the ultimate goal of any dictator is to weaken the human person, limiting his or her abilities at the cost of depriving him of private property, which, as a rule, does not depend on his arbitrariness, the dictator. He is trying to crush the resistance of this still free individual to a state of utter insignificance, enshrining this status in the relevant laws. Ultimately, this oligarchic dictator, such as Putin, can designate his violence as the “dictatorship of the law.”

The ultimate goal is to weaken and simplify the average national identity.

To simplify human nature, to reduce its historical memory, it instills an inability to detect significant contradictions in society. Of course, this inattention to “external” social facts stemmed from an indomitable disregard for the facts of life that indirectly relate to or do not relate at all to the mode of physical survival. This space and time of practical experience and general views is gradually limited. In short, we must see an irreconcilable conflict between the oligarchic class and the new-born civil society in post-communist countries with the criminal political regime of the oligarchy. Since democratic political regimes in Western countries are natural allies of newborn civil societies in post-totalitarian countries, these oligarchic regimes began to undermine a stable lifestyle in Western countries in order to preserve the existence of criminal regimes in the front-line countries.

The weakening of Western societies and states is a condition for the preservation of these criminal regimes that are trying to introduce a system of forced labor and oust small and medium-sized businesses in their countries. In this case, we can be aware of the oligarchs’ passionate desire to destroy the natural unity of the Western world, undermining the unity of the European Union (Brexit!), Making cyber attacks at the headquarters of the Democratic Party in the United States. In general, post-communism, such as “classical” communism, is the mortal enemy of the entire Western world. Even Muslim countries later tend to weaken their efforts against Western societies. We must take into account the mutual influence between such different civilizations, even in spite of today’s Muslim terror. Now it is difficult to imagine this picture of further reconciliation. In this case a sharp decrease in the importance of gas and oil will mitigate the terrorist aspirations of Muslim extremists.

Nevertheless, we can now see a specific “division of labor” among post-communists and Muslim extremists in their interaction with the Western world. Muslim terrorists are killing, Russians are undermining the situation inside Western society, because they have common goals. These anti-Western flows of migrants are directed against personal freedom in their own countries and abroad, especially in the West, as the concentration of all cultural and creative achievements that they deeply hate.

In general, these archaic societies want to create a person who can do nothing, cannot be creative, self-sufficient. In short, any dictatorship seeks to destroy the human will and its ability to make decisions independently of anyone from outside. In other words, backward countries are stopped by leading groups of  oligarchy that still successfully continue to benefit from their status quo. It is these leadership groups that are the main threat to a stable democratic regime due to the multiplication of interpersonal general mistrust and uncertainty. If we know the main goal on a personal level, we must seek the main efforts of foreign forces from backward reactionary leaders in the area of ​​interpersonal relations. Edward Lucas and Peter Pomerantsev explored detailed methods and resources for this ubiquitous sabotage activity, especially in the countries of Central Europe and in the near future post-communist countries.

What exactly these leaders want their countries to keep behind the Western countries? They want to have a lower status or status for “too smart” people in developed Western countries, with their inability to violate the human right to a free life and personal security. The main obstacle for these “too smart” people is the system of individual responsibility, which cannot afford to persecute foreigners because of their national or religious affiliation. This average Western citizen reliably forgot his historical knowledge and experience in the distant historical past.

And this man or woman must be a means in the hands of another. These leading leaders in backward countries cannot succeed in genuine creative work because of their deep cultural tradition in the “oriental mode of production”. Therefore, these leaders of the second (Postcommunist) and third worlds are trying to expose stable Western societies, using a completely different understanding of the motive of human behavior in these uncivilized countries of the third world. The average Western person cannot be aware of the desire to lose his life in the name of, say, Allah or another God or a political charismatic leader in the context of any ideology.

Human nature is deeper than the possibilities of a totalitarian and post-Soviet regime, which seeks to destroy human nature. Meanwhile, the rulers of this communist and post-communist societies have undergone degradation to the criminal level as capable leaders of great social experiments.

Of course, there are many obstacles in the way of dictators, unforeseen circumstances, very complex problems. They are not only unable to control all system communications, but also do not have the ability to monitor and predict current events.

In the centenary of the Russian revolution of 1917, we are doomed to remember the consequences of the most decisive turn of the history of mankind of the 20th and 21th centuries. Despite this, the majority of the population of the West ignores the fact that the key role of the Russian revolution in Western countries, even if they were not subjected to this cruel closed regime in the most cruel forms. Ayn Rand, an American philosopher during the civil war, lived under the state power of the Bolsheviks and should have known the essence of communism and the methods of the totalitarian regime. For this reason, she saw the abyss of totalitarianism from within. She did not follow only the dry abstract judgments of intellectuals from American universities, but tried to come to her conclusions based on historical practical experience in unity with academic philosophical knowledge. This tragic simultaneous contact with historical reality and the intellectual heritage of Europe and Russia was brought to outstanding philosophical and scientific conclusions. She tried to accumulate and reflect her many-sided experience in solid results. As a result, she, for example, foresaw the consequences of distorted social development in her novels.

Thus, historically, the last experience of human recovery was the experience of overcoming the suppression of the individual after the communist revolution in the Russian Empire in 1917 and the further development of a closed society. They wanted to keep every person under absolute uninterrupted control, despite the natural inner infinity of the human person. We must realize that the totalitarian regimes of the 20th and 20th centuries have a short period of existence compared with similar regimes in the distant past of human history, for example, during Antiquity or Middle Ages. Of course, we can imagine that all totalitarian regimes of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries were artificial experiments on people. It was very cruel, of course. We must overcome the consequences of these experiments on world humanity. Moreover, there are now ideologies and opinion leaders on Earth who are trying to dominate the world — and again on the basis of neo-totalitarianism — and calculate their motives for political behavior. The leaders of the closed system dreamed of an eternal existence, despite the possibility of unhindered overcoming of human nature, to be free and happy.

This internal contradiction between the real situation and the images of this situation is very interesting for us simply because a phenomenon that has ever arisen always exists. In psychoanalysis, we know well the difference between objective reality and mental reality. At this point we can see concrete manifestations of social contradictions. In this context, we can see great conflicts and irrational actions of historical participants in all intensive historical events. This distinction between the real and the imaginary gives rise to irrational images before the eyes and ears. Accordingly, the destruction of social structure and confusion leads to the irrational behavior and actions of vast masses of people. Subsequently, this society returns to a stable state.

In these difficult conditions, the post-communist oligarchy successfully avoided the overthrow after the revolution. It has retained its state power and dependence on the mentality of ordinary people, who are still dependent on external protectionism and control. During the transitional chaos, individuals begin to be the center of the structural crystallization of the new society. The existence of the old nomenklatura is adjacent to the revival of civil society, which is trying to be economically independent from the oligarchy.

These obstacles inside the personality are much more complicated than in the objective reality that we can see. Now I mean irrational actions and actions in the Ukrainian Donbass, the Ukrainian Vendee. In general, frequent irrational actions and interactions in the modern world exacerbate the real situation not only in the former post-Soviet countries, but also in the most developed western countries such as France, the United Kingdom and even the United States. Recent media articles show us the shortcomings of a purely journalistic approach to current events in political and economic life. We can only state the fact of a change in the collective subconscious, which provokes a distorted perception of objective historical reality. We are forced to delve into the internal, even innate human nature, in order to overcome the consequences of the enormous influence of recent events in the automation of industry and unexpected negative changes in the cultural and political situation. There is a redistribution of state power and private property, profound changes in the motives of human behavior. Trump’s victory in the recent presidential elections divided the American nation according to cultural and political parameters.

This is not only a purely American phenomenon. The same process that we can consider in other Western European countries. In Ukraine, we can also see this sharp fundamental division into two or more parts, recently chaotic, but more or less homogeneous. The external division of the social structure was the result of profound changes in this average human person and his or her priorities. Internal human processes, as a rule, escape the field of view of an external observer. Nevertheless, we must understand what is primary and what is secondary in this logical chain of events.

Of course, the causes of these “irrational” events we can see in the same objective reality of modern Ukraine and other post-communist countries with its immature civil society, which is growing rapidly in the struggle for a democratic and independent Ukraine, which was born the last in a number of democratic countries in Europe.

This is a key interest for major Western countries due to the toxic influence of corrupt government officials from post-communist countries and, in general, the third world countries. These backward regimes cannot subdue advanced countries economically or militarily. Instead, they are trying to embrace all state and social institutions with their corrupt intoxication and undermine the foundation of Western civilization. Information attack tends to turn into practical intervention in the very essence of the European way of life with the aim of its decomposition and destruction.

In this context, we should note the still untapped possibilities for such intervention and a certain consistency in the actions of the leaders of the backward countries of the “second” and “third” worlds.


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