S. Ovcharenko. Threat and defense of Western civilization

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Threat to Western civilization"

We admit no concessions to backward habits and customs in the basic things. But for this, the teacher and the professor, politician, lawmaker should clearly know where our front line is, where they are. It is necessary to clearly know the boundary, beyond which we can not yield. And clearly say that this is not admissible. Or we accept, or we are not to be here. Because of if we cede to alien culture, then we will not be here.

That is, you need to work on emigrants through the children of emigrants. And this is done in a directive, like in Switzerland, the “swimming pool effect”. Where a Muslim family was denied residence permit because of the refusal of parents to let their daughter into the swimming pool.

As Herzen wrote in his novel “Past and Thoughts”, that the Poles, exiled to Siberia, never mixed with the local society. They were well treated, there it was a spiritual hunger for educated people, it was nice to talk with them and they turned blind eyes to that they are Poles. In opposite to this Poles left alienated. At home first of all Poles spread a clean tablecloth and put on a table a vase with fresh flowers. And from everywhere they made  the same. New opportunities always give rise to unforeseen new dangers. They must be taken into account. The first thing that appears is unforeseen dangers. Under feudalism there was no economic crisis, there was no unemployment, no currency inflation. It will appear under capitalism. What is in the West was achieved not by today’s generation. They rely on the shoulders of previous generations. Which did not follow the rules that these took over. They were aggressive, unjust, fought in competition, in war. To create a free society. The free man was armed and did not hesitate to shoot at whom he needed, as now for his freedom in Israel. Modern people decided that you can take off your protection. You can not! In history, once you want to remove thorns, you will immediately find someone who wants to eat you. Reckless humanism will inevitably lead to erosion and the disintegration of Western society. Because it will not be on a loud stage, but will be in the quiet of life. So as it exists a nutrient medium for extremists. Who sympathizes with them, feeds them, supports them, arms them, inspires them.

Why is there no terror in Ukraine now against the oligarchy? Because a potential terrorist must find protection in society, he must be hidden, fed, given a resource. And no one wants to give a resource for revolutionary activity. The potential sponsors do not believe in the solidarity of the civil society to revolutionaries. As soon as the mood in society changes and there is support in society, then something will begin to change. While active people decided to leave this rotten society.

As for emigrants from backward countries, the West should have the right to deport not only them, but also members of their families. These societies abide a principle of collective responsibility. In their communities they will always refer to the decisions of the mufti, father, brother, elders. Therefore, we must simultaneously punish the customer of this behavior and performer. Act on them according to their laws of hostel. Because, where there is a collective responsibility, there is individual irresponsibility. “I did not so – but they ordered me”.

In the West you are responsible for your actions, and you respond according to the law. You made a choice. This is the principle of Christianity: God gave you freedom, but you will be asked how you ordered it. Freedom of business, freedom of war, sayings, but for this everything will be asked of you. And you will not say that someone made you – you were free in your choice. A real punishment, a real encouragement for an individual choice, and not for being imposed from the outside. Do not like it – go home! This applies to politics and art. The principles are the same, only the scales of values are different.


Racism is bad, to divide by faith and race is not good, but on the other hand, America and Western civilization should remember that one must strive more closely to the politics of the melting pot. If we condemn racism and nationalism, cardinal differences in culture, then we must preserve our own cultural identity. And this preservation of cultural identity requires active, often forceful actions.

The key argument is that the main danger to civilization is not extremists or terrorists, they are too obvious and punishable by criminal, legal means. But we must take a more rigorous approach to their assimilation. If they refuse to assimilate, to enter inward culture – they must be deported. They must learn the language, the constitution, accept everything that is in this country, as they have arrived here. If something is hindering from a past culture, they must abandon it, or we will abandon them

We understand that an endless humanism, the thoughtless acceptance of people with alien culture involuntarily contributes to the erosion of the matrix of the cultural basis of Western civilization, society. This danger is not only from criminals and obvious opponents, but also from those who do it unconsciously. We should, as it were, provoke them to show the manifestation of all negative feelings in order to eradicate it. Otherwise, they will begin to decompose the social environment of their co-presence. And this must be done in conditions of globalization. Otherwise, tomorrow they will ruin everything in their blindness.

It is necessary to solve the problem with the white proletariat and with immigrants, who belong to alien cultures. They came running away from the bad conditions in life there, but they carry in themselves these bad conditions and negative potencies that led to the intolerable life in their homeland. Because they are brought up there. And if they are not re-educated, do not change – they will poison by their unconscious imposition of their heritage, where they settle. It’s like isolating tuberculosis not because they are bad, but because they are sources of crisis and decay instead of development. What is the meaning of temporary isolation culturally alien? The fact that they can not have the right to take part in elections. They can participate in business, have a remunerative job

, but they cannot be allowed to political management until they pass the stage of adaptation. They must understand and remember that they must give up something in themselves.

The West should not touch upon the fact that Islam can not divide the political and religious parts of its religion. In their sharia it is merged. If in the history of Christianity the Protestants divided politics and religion “God’s to God, Caesar’s to Caesar”, then Muslims do not have such a thesis. Why did they switch to Protestantism, then Luther translated the Bible into German from Latin? To ordinary German Christian became with God, but did not contact the state. He must partake of God besides the hierarchy. And the state should not interfere in its personal functions of spiritual things. Therefore, Christianity has come out well with both science and the establishment of a secular state.

The defeat in Turkey of a secular state, created by Kemal Attatyurk, is an example. He could not change anything in the religion itself, in the mosque itself. He had to change everything from the outside: from the side of the army, from the side of the state apparatus. Recep Erdogan managed from the state, using the Sharia, to suppress the heritage of Attachurk. They also try to penetrate all the western pores and impose their Sharia order.

We must understand that the danger of such a disintegration is not from crime, not from extremism, but from the fact of the existence of a representative of an alien culture that does not realize what it is doing. He should not impose his norms on the country in which he settles. And this must be realized. That is, Western civilization must realize the boundaries of its significance, the boundaries of its achievements and merits, than it holds. Remember that it is relatively recent, it is on a small part of the globe and it is fragile.

And so all backward civilizations easily penetrate with the wave of moral condemnations, moral theses, some moral teachings. “You must respect, you must love, you must reckon”, etc. Nothing we should. First of all, we must preserve our life as the life of our culture and civilization. It is necessary to preserve our civilizational Self. And we should not merge with them. They must come to us and join us. They came to us, not vice versa.

If after the flow of new information the boundaries of human intuition are discovered – a person inevitably panics. The first option is to expand the boundaries of intuition. The second option is to give up everything, having made sure of your weakness. There is no third. This is possible only with the new material, with a new flow of information.

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